Adult RX Ultra Suave with Covers – Narrow Handle


Provides immediate care for delicate situations.

Special Discounted Pricing

  • Buy 12 to 71 toothbrushes for $1.04 each
  • Buy 72 to 143 toothbrushes for $0.89 each and save 15%
  • Buy 144 or more for $0.87 each and save 20%

Product Description

This ultra suave toothbrush is designed for immediate care of sensitive and/or diseased tissue. The cover protects and compresses approximately 11,070 ultra soft .003 diameter DuPont Tynex bristles. The 41 tuft adult is availabe in four color coded, bristle lengths, the Red (.437) is the longest, Orange (.397) a little shorter, Yellow (.357) shorter yet, and Blue (.317) is the shortest length. The brushes feel softer or more firm with the length of the bristle. Red feels softest and Blue feels more firm… but all are ultra soft.